Sit back and relax

Extra services

When you stay at Villa Gufo, all you need to do is to think of yourself. We want you to enjoy every moment you spend with us. Enjoy our complementary services for an optimal holiday experience. We also offer tailor made services completely to the needs of your fellow travellers, wishes and budget. Here is the place to slow down and relax.

Grocery service

Start you holiday straight away

Upon arrival, we already did the groceries for you. The fridge is fully stocked with delicious food and drinks, adapted to your wishes. Fruit, vegetables, cold cuts or rather vegetarian, meat or fish for the barbecue, tasty pastas… it’s all possible. All you have to do is enjoy your holiday straight away.


With fresh ingredients from the surrounding region

Start your day with a sumptuous  breakfast. Everything is prepared using fresh ingredients. Wether you’re with two or a large group, we can provide breakfast every day or whenever you want it. We make a special super cute breakfast for our youngest guests. 

Italian chef at home

Sun kissed apulian food

Traditional Italian cuisine is known worldwide, but the cuisine of Puglia is very different. Don’t expect pizza here, but a panzerotti, no penne but orechiette… Our local Italian chef will surprise you with his best dishes, inspired by the local traditions. It’s all about freedom of choice, so you’ll always find both healthy and indulgent selections. Everything is made with passion and the purest ingredients. And off course an excellent fine wine will not be missed.


Tailor made

Whether you want to organize a wedding, birthday or anniversary. Let us help you. We can take the stress away and help organize everything. Catering, entertainment, decoration… tell us how you visualize your perfect event and we will help your vision come true. Both private and corporate.